We are global leaders in sustainable Bitcoin mining

Here’s how we work

Ownership over infrastructure and data centers

Our vertically integrated strategy provides us with security and operational control over our assets. We are building industry-leading highly efficient proprietary data centers that we continue to refine through our research and development efforts.

We also focus on grid-connected power access which helps to ensure we can utilize a reliable, long-term supply of power.

Strategic market position

We deliberately positioned ourselves at the lower end of the Bitcoin mining cost curve. This allows us to benefit if the Bitcoin price falls and high-cost miners struggle to pay their power bill and switch-off – which would result in low-cost miners such as Iris Energy receiving a greater share of the bitcoin reward.

Low-cost renewables

We target entry into regions where there are low-cost, abundant, and attractive renewable energy sources, and where we can help solve energy market problems.

Experienced team

We are a team with an unrivalled track record of success across energy, infrastructure, renewables, finance, digital assets and data centers.